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In a time of contrasts

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We all live in a time of contrasts. Minute by minute we have to cope with negative and positive information from our environment. Very often we face intense stress.

Here you will find a quiet, relaxing and serious place to reclaim your personal power. Our Massage, done in a relaxed state, is an excellent enhancement to your life. We will restore your balance, wholeness and wellness. Call us and relax and quiet your mind, reduce stress and tension. Our Body&Soul Team will revitalise your body, mind and spirit. It will improve your life, your eternal Whole, to compensate your day to day stress.


Discover your body through a conscious way and go on a journey into the deepest sexual levels one can attain.

“If you seek, compassion and devotion, as your mind quiets down, you will be able to direct more attention to your feelings and sensations, expanding your ability to experience pleasure. In Tantra, meditation helps you bring heightened awareness to the body. Tantra allows you to journey into the spiritual potential of sexual sensations.”

Massage are not possible on the following dates, while workshops is ongoing in the refugium!



Tara Wera Angela’s adventure tantra Body and Soul Massage

The Massage begins with Tantra Rituals. A chosen Tantra Priestres will touch your body with tender hands sensuous and erotic. At the End of your Journey of sexual sensations will be the Indian Samadhie experience. It is the highest fulfilment, the ultimate Orgasm.

Information to our dear customers

Weras Dream became true

In the year of 1993 Tara Wera Angela had the vision to found her own Tantra Institute. Due to her career in medical and psychological professions she obtained a whole amount of experiences. She worked hard to make her dream come true. At that time Tara Wera was working as a Therapist in a Hospital and took various Seminars in Body therapy and Tantra meditation. Training and Exercise took three years before the whole concept started to live. She just had to make it perfect, with her whole empathy and heart.

In 1996 finally she opened up her first Institute in Frankfurt. It became such a success, that she had to open up a second one. In only 3 month and every Day 18 hours of renovation a new Institute was born. Even that this new way of relaxtions was a secret in Frankfurt, more and more Customers wanted to experience Tantra at its best.

Now Tantra Refugium is a prestigious Institute in Frankfurt. Secrecy and privacy are certainly guaranteed.

Many Articles and Interviews in Newspapers and Magazines were publishes about Tara Wera. Highlights are appearances on German TV in “wahre Liebe” (23rd January 2003), and Sat1 “Akte03” (16th September 2003) as an expert in Tantra.