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Rediscover your own body


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please do not ask for discount for my Massages,
because it is an insult to me and my valuable Work!


The special gift for your Body, the adventure Travel!

Bodygames & Surprise Tantramassage for Gourmets 

included all rituals & and post-rest period and meditation in english & Gourmet- Surprise 

1 hour 260€  

1,5 hours Session 320€

2 hours Session 400 € 

Please allocate 30 minutes to each session for pre and post Talk, rest and meditation and gourmet surprise

Please look at the topic: „appointments“ to see if I am there!
In my german site is a translator, you have more Information about tantra and my Passion.

Mo-So individually managed appointments around your time schedule, please call at least one day in advance, send an SMS, or if you’re lucky there will be an opening on the same day!

Classik Tantramassage

By Classik Tantra from 7 p.m. there is a night surcharge of 50€

I take the last evening Appointment at 8 pm with night surcharge 100€!  

The Nightsurcharge at 8 pm is for all sessions Classik and Surprise!!!!!!!


Tantra Extase 

+body games

One hour of eternity 1 hr 200,00 €
Unforgettable experience 1.5 hrs 260,00 €
Body and soul in harmony 2 hrs 320,00 €

Skrotum & Prostatamassage  + 50 €  
only with classik Tantra – it’s inclusive with surprise Tantra


You have found it, the oasis for your stressed and demanding body,
the Tantra Refuge in the middle of Frankfurt am Main.

I am Tara Wera Angela Münchberg and created the refuge in 1996
for those people who neglect their body for professional success,
lose themselves in the process and can therefore only live their
sexuality in a reduced way.

The result is often a limited quality of life and in extreme cases up to
Burn out!

But it doesn’t have to come that far anymore !

Here and now you can prophylactically find a balance for yourself,
your body and your soul to get rid of all that.

I take you on a journey, into other dimensions, an unforgettable and
lasting experience, which lets you forget space and time, rediscover your own body,
a sensory magic journey, a journey to yourself.

It is your life and we all have only a certain time on this planet,
that nobody knows, so don’t waste it !

Start now, yes today ! To change your life ! Change , means
renewal ,
to break new ground, all your attention on you,
To lay your soul and your body, because you deserve not to always be led to the energetic limits.
and we women should celebrate our femininity,
but often we don’t accept our body because the media pretends that
we have the ideal of beauty so that we go into the commercial
cosmetic trap.

Open up to the new now

I want to help you accept yourself for who you are…..
to celebrate self-love…
for every body is holy and beautiful
I want you to feel yourself again,
Your body,
Your desire,
and your energy should flow again… then you can say yes again.
a yes to you
a yes to your eroticism
a yes to your lust
and a very loud yes to your body
and now I invite you, yes you, to my Refugium:

If you visit my Refugium, you will have an enchanted front yard
and already feel the special energy in the Entre and I embrace you
in love with a tantric Namast`e .

After that we walk down the stairs to the temple, past Indian figures
and pictures and you take the smell of incense or aroma lamp and
was a melodious and profound music that touches your heart and
that already brings you into a pleasant state.

You enter the holy darkened temple, feel the cosy warmth, see the
many little lights on the ceiling and the candles and we drink a tea
relaxed and in a personal talk in before hand you can tell your
intentions or even upcoming problems if you like.

My temple is filled with energy in a very special way, and suddenly
you feel your whole body being touched by it.

Dressed with a Lunghie you may then lie down on my sound couch.

I sit down directly under the couch and play on the sides
and a wonderful sound play develops, the music of an Indian sitar
and the strong vibrations go through the wooden couch, directly into
your body and there the human being.

70 % liquid, now all molecules come into motion and that gives you
new energy and above all, you get out of your head, all thoughts
that were important a moment ago disappear and you are one with
your body.

Then you and I stand behind you in the temple and eliminate the
stress of everyday life from you, again and again from head to toe.

Now we are both naked and I come to the Namastè heart to heart

Afterwards you lie on a very soft and comfortable surface in the
temple, covered with a silk cloth, which I pull very slowly and
attentively from your body.

You feel a pleasant shiver wandering over your body.
You take my warm hands at the ankles which slowly stroke your
lower legs, legs, PO, back and arms.

Now I lie on your whole body and all my love and energy flows into

I pause, we breathe consciously and attentively together and our
bodies merge and the Circle of Energy, the fusion ritual is created.
I massage you into a trance-like state, you think of nothing
anymore, you only feel your body and now you are one with the

I feel myself in your body and my hands linger in places that are
where there is a deficit or blockages or where it is particularly good.
and almost by itself, your body will fill with energy and light and you
have the feeling, you dissolve.

and if you have chosen the Bodygames Session, then a careful
exchange of tenderness can now take place.

You are letting go, maybe letting go of past pain or sadness,
now tears are allowed to flow – or you are in an incredible glow.

anything can happen,

one thing’s for sure, it’s healing!

At the end of the tantra massage there can be an explosive
discharge of emotions and you float in a state of absolute bliss and I
embrace you in love.

I give all my love – heart warmth and energy into the massage,
because your body is my passion.

Your Tara Wera Angela

Please take a look at the themed flower dates, there you can see whether it is open!

On public holidays, please allow 50 € for each session. Appointments only possible from 12 – 6 p.m.

Tantra active – Body games

Here a careful exchange of touch and caresses may arise.

There is also often a desire to just lie in my arms and be held.

Here I have no fear of contact, because I live my Tantra with dedication and passion. 

Tantra massage  
duration pure massage time
1,0 hour 60 minutes
1,5 hours 1 hour 20 minutes
2,0 hours 1 hour 45 minutes
2,5 hours 2 hours 15 minutes
3,0 hours 2 hours 30 minutes
first hour 160 €, each additional 45 minutes á 120 €
additionally about 20 minutes before / after talk – after cuddling / meditation and showering

Please consider to have time after the massage to relax and meditate.

I have the approval from “Koha Verlag” and the interpreter “Featuring Jasmuheen” for the Get background music.

Tantra Bodygames

Starting a sensitive adventure tour across your divine body….

……You are feeling a more and more intensive experience with an exploding samadhie ritual. Your whole energy — even your sexual energy is floating and bringing you in an extatic mood.
Contact me for price information.

In my red tantra tample I will steal and seduce you into unforseen dimensions of lust with my sexual energy.


Sessions during 2 hours and longer inclusive fresh fruits and refreshing drinks and a shower ritual.
booking by phone: 0162 – 411 6568 and after that by mail: [email protected]


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Surprise Session 

Nothing like before… Surprise Session  – a very special art of touch
The Surprise Session Massage is our own creation…aunique way to celebrate the ecstatic dance of body and soul.  Experience the energetic and intimate ‘awakening the snake’ ritual, let yourself surrender to knowing, loving, energetic touch.

Allow yourself to open to the vibrant embrace of the snake, skin to skin. Feel the magic of the secret soft-touch-ritual, let the kiss of the serpent awake your own dragon and let it carry your passion into higher dimensions…

Let the dance between tension and relaxation lead you into the big flow, riding the waves of the lingam / yoni – experience.  Surrender to the spirit of the snake, to the sensations inside your body… feel it, breathe it, allow it, enjoy!  Give yourself the experience of this deep, intense variant of tantric massage!

We want to invite you into the safe space, where you can let yourself go and open into a sensual, passionate experience of body and beyond. We want to support you to feel yourself, to feel your flow of life force energy, to open up to love yourself as you are and to celebrate the beauty of yourself. Everybody is sacred, everybody is beatiful in his/her own way!

We want to encourage you to find your own big YES! Yes of yoursef, yes for your sensuality, your passion and desires and yes for your body!

Due to the intensity, the giving persion usually performs only one Snake Tantra Massage a day – advance booking is recommended!


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