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Magical sensory tour - the way to yourself

At the centre of this tour is the love we should have for ourselves – a path to our own body and finding the sensual and energetic potential within. Discovering this inner wealth is the precondition for the growth of love – which in turn enables us to grow even further spiritually and intellectually; invigorating our compassion for others, their sympathy for us, our liberty and lives together. Whenever you give yourself a true YES, your inner self begins a path leading to inner growth. A true YES to yourself; accepting your sensuality, your body, your love, your erotic potential, your sexuality; even a true YES to your NO; including your angers, too. A true YES is necessary in order to feel yourself; a true YES is necessary in order to open your senses for yourself and a partner in love. Whenever you let yourself feel accepted by yourself through feeling that true YES within, you let yourself grow innerly. Growing innerly means gaining in love; gaining in sheer joy of living – and in the ability to share these treasures with others. We all long for invigorating encounters and relationships in which we can find mutual love and growth. But while we invest time, effort, money and other resources in our careers, we often believe that meaningful relationships just happen by themselves. However, that is not the case. It is because we often are closed to ourselves – be it sexually or in our approach toward love and partnership; as well as in our convictions and limitations – and all this knowingly or unknowingly. That was not always like that: there once was a time in our lives in which we were perfectly balanced.

But then we all were more or less tampered with, manipulated, perhaps misused – and thereby torn out of the paradise that once was our childhood. We were forced to learn all kind of ways in which we could protect ourselves – very often by suppressing certain truths and angers. We began to draw back innerly and suppress our desires, driving out our natural paths from our lives. We lost contact and became out of touch with this natural, lively, curious and trusting child we once were, losing our spontaneous impulses. But deep within, we all have a place in which this all is hidden, intact and waiting to be tapped. Perhaps this place exists just as a vague memory – but it never got lost. And we find ourselves far away from our natural selves looking for it – in our longing for happiness, togetherness, security and recognition; in our quest for a satisfying sexuality, love or even God. We went searching for answers outside of ourselves, often getting nowhere. But how can a guest be welcomed if there is no one there to greet him?

The divine knocks at your door – and you are not home. Come home, even if you are far away. Welcome yourself, so you can be welcomed and feel welcome. Be at home, and open the door. You will find your way home by following the love within you. Your love is your map. Every step closer to your true nature is to your benefit. The pursuit of happiness becomes relaxed. It becomes a present to cherish, and is a part of you – of your very self; your nature. That is when you will realize that you already are perfectly all right.

Right now, in this very moment. That the point is not to perform better, but to live better – by living with your own nature. That can work if you accept yourself and your own nature; so the only point now it to awake from your slumber. That is what Buddha meant – not speaking of changing yourself, but rather of reminding yourself. The more you remind yourself of yourself, you will grow – yourself and by yourself. You then will regain what has been taken from you and overcome what has been replacing your true nature. By overcoming what is not you within yourself, you make way for your true self to return – and come back to the balance that went lost long ago. Your real nature will reappear from the prison it was in. And then, for the first time, you will recognize your own spark for divinity which is in every one of us. This process of coming home will lead you to the roots of your liveliness.

And you are not alone. You can trust yourself, and there also are trusting and helping hands to go along with you. We all have the chance here and now to make new inroads in positive and healing ways. You have the chance to embark on what might be the most meaningful journey in your life, a truly magical sensory tour and a true love story, too: loving yourself.

Namaste Tara Wera Angela